Garden 2023

(Click on pic to enlarge) As of 5/10/23. All the plants in my garden started from seeds on this table w/grow-light.

Above, various plants starting from year’s past seed stock to include San Marzano tomatoes, red and green bell pepper, Tabasco pepper, Serrano pepper, Habanero pepper, Jalapeño pepper, Rosemary, Genovese basil, and Thai basil.  The other plants are in the ground and are perennial and survived the winter.

As of 5/27/23

Onions on left, garlic on right and the tomatoes will grow up a string connected to the poles behind the bench.

Poles for tomatoes.


Bed of beans on the left and bell pepper on the right.

Right to left: Thai Basil, sage, chives,oregano, lavender.

Right to left: Lavender, thyme, rosemary, Genovesse basil.


Deck flowers.

5/31/2023 Chives flowering