About Audubon Ron

Considered by some to be the vagary of social networking this 60-year-old continues to earn his keep in the blogosphere.

He can be a radical nodal variant, political gadfly and silly goof.

His first blog was launched in 2007. After many, many makeovers, this is what occurred – he got tired of futzing with it.

When he is not a menace to his fellow digital nerds and geekified hoodlums, he is tending to a flock of Rouen Mallards – hence the name Audubon Ron.  Since he has no children, he is inclined to be kind to animals.  He is married to the Little Woman.  They live in the piney woods of south Mississippi at a hermitage they bought directly after being set free from 25 years of 50 shades of corporate lifestyle.  He and his family are Hurricane Katrina survivors.  They have two three dump-off dogs and two rescue cats – and of course, a mess of ducks.  (He baby-sits horses and cows).

Yes, he drives a pickup.

He loves to cook.

He plays blues guitar, slide guitar and classical guitar.

He looks like a nice guy…and, largely he is.

First Published on WordPress: July 1, 2009

Special Note:  In 2016 he and the Little woman moved from Ducks Mahal into a wonderful town in the mid-west.  A part of his heart will always be at Ducks Mahal with his Rowan Mallards.

(He has owned the Ducks Mahal label since July 2007)

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