Corn Salad



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Do you want a great fantabulous corn salad recipe?

Dang, this is so good. This is another of my very own recipes.

The Salad:

4 fresh ears of sweet corn w/husk
1 Avocado chopped into small squares
4 fresh basil leaves chopped
6 Scallions (Green onions) chopped

How to cook corn in a microwave: Cut off the stalk end of the corn. Leaving the husk on, (un-shucked), place four ears of corn in a microwave oven. On high heat cook the corn five minutes. Remove and squeeze the corn out of the husk from the cut end. The corn will come straight out and there won’t be any corn hairs to contend with. The corn will be al denta.  With a sharp knife, cut the corn off the cob and place the kernels in a large bowl.

Add all ingredient above into a bowl.

The Dressings:

In a bowl whisk the following:

4 TBSP extra-virgin olive oil
1 TBSP white wine vinegar
1 TBSP white wine
1 TBSP Dijon Mustard
Salt (Kosher Salt)
Pepper (from a pepper grinder or white pepper)

Mix everything in a bowl. Cool and serve.

The sweet basil, sweet corn and avocado do all the work in this dish.

This is so good!!!

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