Ron’s Bistro Creamy Swiss Eggs

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2 eggs
2 TBSP heavy cream
1 tsp Dijon mustard
1 TBSP clarified butter (I make my own)
¼ inch slice of Swiss cheese from a block, run through a hand cheese grater
1 chive, chopped or the top of a scallion, chopped

Add the eggs, mustard and cream in a bowl and whisk.

Add the butter to a small 8” fry pan. As the butter melts add the eggs and keep scrambling with a small rubber spatula. Add the chives. Add the cheese and keep scrambling into the right consistency. Some people like their eggs tight and completely cooked. If the eggs get too tight you can always add a touch of cream and mix.

Serve while hot.

I serve this with rolled slices of Black Forest ham.

Note: In the picture of the stove, you will see I have cookie sheets over the other burners. I do this for two reasons, 1. To protect the other burners from spatter, but mostly 2. To cool off the pan. If the pan with the eggs gets too hot, I rest the pan on the cold cookie sheet for a few seconds. This draws the heat from the pan. You can control eggs a lot easier by simply removing the pan from the heat and cool it on the cookie sheet or on a cold metal part of your stove top.

As of 1/22/23

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