What She Did Me – On My Birthday


(click on pics to enlarge)

I always say, “If you live long enough, you see everything.”

Okay, not exactly words to live by, but this one came as a complete surprise on my birthday.


So I arrive from work and sitting in the middle of the kitchen is this huge box covered in birthday wrapping paper.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!,” yells the Little Woman.  I’m looking at the box and thinking “What.in.theee.world?”

I get handed a glass of wine and the Little Woman says, “Here is your birthday gift.”

I pull the paper away and this is what I find – a rolling chopping block cabinet thingie.


The Little Woman found an old cabinet in a thrift store.  She hung doors on it and added new hinges and handles.  Added a wooden towel rack on one side and hooks on the other side and an antique bottle opener for my ale.  She laid soft covering on the shelves and added rolling 360 degree casters on the bottom.  Then she refinished it.  Now I can chop food next to the stove or sink, roll the thing anywhere and I have plenty of room to make pasta and bread, which I do every weekend.

Who does these things?



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